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First Neurosurgeon from India to get PH.D in Neuroimaging in 1990
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Elected President of 3 National Societies, Secretary of 1 National Society and Secretary General of the Largest continental society of Neurosurgeon.


407 lectures in India and 154 Overseas
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Over 285 publications
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"Mentor, Judge, Keynote speaker at Health Hackathon organised by MIT & Taipei Medical University @ Taipei and faculty for International MOOC course of TMU 19 teams of 5 each participated Interesting experience sharing clinical knowledge with the best of the best in IT"

"Talk given at Hospital Infrastructure Summit Ahmedabad Aug 24th 2018"

"Talk given at Aug 18th 2018"

"Prof K Ganapathy, Director ATHS & ATNF has been invited to be on the Editorial Board of European Journal for Biomedical Informatics"

"Artificial intelligence in neurosciences: A clinician's perspective."

Ganapathy K, Abdul SS, Nursetyo AA. Artificial intelligence in neurosciences: A clinician's perspective. Neurol India [serial online] 2018 [cited 2018 Jul 18];66:934-9.

" Telemedicine and Neuro Sciences

This review article is a sequel to an earlier article which ( as on 15th May 2018) has been downloaded 6091 times with 18 citations ( as per Google Scholar) "

"MoU with International center for Health Information Technology Taipei Medical University On the left Prof Shabbir Syed Abdul "

"On Editorial Board of Telemedicine and eHealth official journal of the American telemedicine Association ranked as the number one telemedicine journal in the world. "

"Conference @ IISC Bengaluru on UAV for Emergency Medical Systems March 2018"

"IMA National Telemedicine Day March 2018"

"Chairing session and giving talk at Annual conference of Finnish Telemedicine Society March 2018"

"Conference on Smart health and visit to International Center for Health Information Technology , Taipei Taiwan March 2018"

"Talk on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare @ Frontiers inneurosurgery conference, Agra April 2018"

" National Telemedicine Day to be held at the R&R Auditorium, Army Hospital, New Delhi on March 24th 2018 "

" Futuristic Healthcare Technology "

" Smart Health for Smart Citizens "

" India s Apollo Tele-health Network Provides Technical Assistance to Viet Nam "


"Talk at American Telemedicine Association Conference at Orlando on Remote Health Health Care in the Himalayas Operational and Clinical Challenges"

"Back to the future Sound bytes on conclusion of 7th International Conference on Transforming healthcare with IT"

"The Great Debate Dr Ganapathy argues that technology has limitations in treating an individual patient and that Emotional Intelligence still has a role to play "

"Making Distance Meaningless & Geography History"

Prof. K. Ganapathy
MS (Neuro), FACS, FICS, FAMS, Ph.D

Present Occupation:
1. President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF)

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